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3 Reasons To Use a Retirement Adviser

Rakesh Shah
Rakesh Shah
Posted 17.05.2022 in Retirement

On average, retirees with an adviser are 14% more likely to feel very confident in their ability to live their best lives in retirement. So how exactly does a financial adviser add value in assisting pre and post-retirees plan for this new stage of life?

Capital Partners Wealth Adviser and retirement specialist Rakesh Shah is passionate about helping people achieve their goals to ensure they can live their ideal lives. An adviser for 17 years, Rakesh has witnessed the impacts of great financial advice. Being part of the journey, helping clients visualise their retirement, giving them comfort about what their financial resources can achieve and seeing them celebrate their efforts are his biggest motivators and the source of his enthusiasm.

It’s All About You

Rakesh believes great retirement plans should be personally tailored and fully customised, focusing on what matters most to you and never a one-size-fits-all approach.

According to Rakesh, the best retirement conversations focus on well-being rather than purely on financial security.

At Capital Partners, this approach is known as the Wealth Map session. Wealth Map conversations discuss a client’s values, life, family, and goals. The result is a one page customised plan to guide every important financial decision a client will face in the future.

Financial strategies should commence only when an adviser is aware of what matters most to you.

Speaking from experience, Rakesh elaborates. If being a self-funded retiree is the goal for a client, relying on compulsory superannuation contributions will not be enough. Instead, he suggests retirees should consider making voluntary contributions. This type of advice is invaluable when it comes to making future-impacting decisions.

In-Depth Preparation

Preparation influences your quality of life in retirement, and Rakesh believes that retirement planning should extend well beyond discussions about superannuation.

Rakesh encourages his clients to visualise what they plan to do with their lives when they’re no longer working, suggesting retirees consider working part-time, volunteering, or actively joining membership groups.

Given boredom accounts for 32% of Australians returning to work after initially retiring, the paradox of leisure is prevalent, and you should consider work options for retirement. Episode seven of the Talking About Retirement podcast speaks specifically about leisure and balance.

Navigate Complexities Early

Rakesh strongly suggests that pre-retirees seek advice early.

Planning your finances well in advance will help prepare you for what may occur along the road and give you confidence in getting to where you want to go. Only 30% of adults have financial plans in Australia, with a staggeringly low 1% claiming to have actual documented retirement plans, despite most people favouring a gradual transition to retirement.

According to Rakesh, a trusted financial adviser will have the knowledge and foresight to approach conversations around financial complexities and legislative nuances. Think estate plans, risk, return, investment strategies and market trends.

Having these conversations early ensures you’re prepared for if the unexpected happens and if, like 49% of Australians, you retire earlier than expected.

Rakesh emphasises that these factors are rarely front of mind for his clients, and when they do occur, there is an enormous amount of relief in knowing their affairs are in order.


With Capital Partners, you’ll have an award-winning team looking after your future and managing everything under one roof.  Now’s the time to let us help with consolidating your retirement finances, so you can get on with enjoying life. Speak to an Adviser today.


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Rakesh Shah
Rakesh Shah
Rakesh Shah
Like a lot of academically exceptional individuals, Rakesh brings a notable professionalism to his work, specialising in superannuation, investments, retirement planning, tax planning and cash flow management. But what sets him apart is that his professionalism is imbued with an equally notable warmth and empathy.